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Benjamin the Library Cat

A bronze statue to commemorate an Auckland library's beloved feline resident. 


Devonport is a quaint community at the southernmost point of Auckland’s north shore. As you step off the ferry, among the shops, cafes, and restaurants, you’ll find the Devonport Library. If you were fortunate enough to visit Auckland pre-2017, and you happened to enter the library, you might have the pleasure of meeting Benjamin the library cat. 

Benjamin resided at the library for over a decade and was known for wandering the town and visiting buildings. But his true calling seemed to be library sciences, as he was typically found sleeping on the shelves or the photocopier. His original owners could not keep him contained to their yard, he would frequently show up at the library’s back door, where staff would feed him treats. Until 2002 when Benjamin’s owners and the library came to an agreement.

He delighted locals and tourists alike. He once survived being hit by a car and a broken sternum and was featured in Benjamin’s Book of Library Fun, by comic artist Arthur Whelan. 

Sadly Benjamin met his end on the mean streets of Devonport while napping in the gutter and was hit by a car.

The distraught community of Devonport raised funds to erect a bronze statue in honor of their community cat. It sits in front of the library and is frequently dressed up for holidays.

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